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Interview with Surfer Nate Dorman

Alyssa Jackson - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

South Carolina native and surfer, Nate Dorman stopped by the Kreedom and CrushEyes offices where 

we were able to hangout, talk surf and learn more about our ambassador.


How long have you been surfing?

ND: I’m 23 now, so about 13 years now. My dad’s from South Carolina and surfs too so I grew up around surfing.


You’ve been to this event for a few years now, what do you think of this year’s US open of Surfing?

ND: Well it was my first time actually competing and it’s been a great experience overall surfing with the best guys out there. 

I’d say the coolest and most fun part is meeting people from all over the world and developing friendships. 

I’m Honored to have had a spot in trials and excited to learn from the contest and take it with me to the next.


Do you have a favorite Kreedom shade?

ND: I actually do! I recently got the the Distinct shade with the Bronze lens I’ve been wearing a lot.


What’s next for you with Surfing?

ND: I’m in Huntington for a few more weeks, but after that I have 2 Qualifying series towards home in NC and Virginia in the Outer banks. 

I’m excited to have my dad coming with me to those.

Brian Bent at Wheels & Waves 2017

Alyssa Jackson - Thursday, August 03, 2017

Each year thousands of bikers, surfers, artists and musicians attend the Wheels and Waves Festival in Biarritz, France. This is where surfing first arrived on the shores of Europe over 60 years ago and has become a central part of the world wave riding.

KREEDOM Ambassador and Wheels and Waves entertainer Brian Bent you could say is the poster child for the event. He is an artist of all trades - Painter, Sculptor, designer, car builder, musician and not to mention a great surfer. His work influenced by the ‘Contemporary’ period of design, fashion, and architecture of the turn of the century through the mid-sixties. With the help of Brian, we were able to get a behind the scenes look...

Photos provided by @brian_bent from @frankfelixf and various photographers

Check out the Kreedom Bent Collection! 

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